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Since 1997, Compete to Win has worked with many prestigious blue chip companies.

Exceptionally strong analytical and financial impact capabilities. Knows how to combine general management helicopter view with practical execution. Trustworthy, loyal, reliable and highly recommended.
Paul is highly commercial with incredible analytical skills. I have worked with Paul over a number of years here at Carlsberg where Paul has been a consultant on various projects for the senior team. In that time, Paul has repeatedly proved able to gain buy-in at all levels. He is pragmatic enough to realise that sometimes consultants do not know everything. Recommended.
I have worked with Paul over a 10 year period and have found his knowledge, skills and his ability to take the client through his findings to be unreservedly first class. Having worked with many different consultants over the years, I do not make this statement lightly
In terms of winning new business, Compete to Win understands where the tipping point is and the fastest way to get there. They ensure we focus on those aspects that are most critical – not always easy when having to submit a 200-page tender document. We have a 100% success rate whenever we have worked with Compete to Win.
Don’t waste your money on over-priced consultants. Use Compete to Win instead.
Paul is a smart and pragmatic marketer. Unusually, he is particularly skilled at balancing complex commercial variables alongside clear consumer based insights. I have found him to be challenging, supportive and above all focused on delivery.
When considering how to commercialise our revolutionary new personalised up-sell recommendation software, Paul was insistent that we focus on one market. Paul’s recommendation was on line fashion retailers. Despite my reservations, with Paul’s persistence, I became convinced. In 3 years, Peerius has raised £2m equity and has a rapidly growing portfolio of over 100 clients. Our new appointed Chief Technology Officer even turned down the worldwide CTO job at Amazon to join Peerius. Paul makes a significant and decisive difference.
Compete to Win brings thoroughness, rigour and quality of thinking to the strategic process and has the capacity for large volumes of work in a short period of time. An ideal asset for anyone needing dedicated and reliable resource on key projects.

To discuss your business critical issue

Please call Paul New on 020 8390 9972 or 07790 501225 or send a message.

Added value guarantee

Now in its 25th year, Compete to Win is proud to say that no client has ever challenged its no quibble added value guarantee.


To discuss your business critical issue, please call Paul New on 020 8390 9972 or 07790 501225 or send a message.


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