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Shareholder value articles

Shareholder value is a modern business clich√©: a mantra intoned with solemnity at every Annual General Meeting and in every Annual Report. But for all the words, few people have any clear idea of what shareholder value comprises.     The Sunday Times
These five articles seek to disperse much of the fog that surrounds the business critical issue of shareholder value creation.
Shareholder value explained
This article explains what is meant by shareholder value, how it is measured and how it is created and destroyed. Download here (PDF, 132KB).
Shareholder value illustrated
This article illustrates some of the main shareholder value concepts and measures using Boots plc as the case study. Download here (PDF, 88KB).
Why value-based management goes wrong
This article addresses the main reasons why many of the companies that have adopted an explicit approach to the creation of shareholder value have not succeeded in delivering the improved value creation performance they desired. Download here (PDF, 96KB).
Ten ways To create shareholder value
This article by Alfred Rappaport sets out ten basic governance principles for shareholder value creation that collectively will help any company with a sound, well-executed business model to better realize its potential for creating shareholder value. Download now (PDF, 734KB).

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