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Guerrilla strategy

Guerrilla strategy

Guerrilla StrategyThe guerrilla strategy is the optimum strategy for the vast majority of businesses. However, only a small number of the smaller competitors are effective guerrillas. Those that are often enjoy superior returns. However, those that try to imitate the large competitors usually end up struggling.

The key principles of the guerrilla strategy are:

  • To feeding off the scraps left behind by the big beasts.
  • To find a sector of the market small enough to defend.
  • To market a highly differentiated and highly specialist product and service to a narrowly defined target customer.
  • To be unafraid of polarising opinion – it is far better to have a few adoring advocates that a multitude of indifferent customers.
  • To sit below the radar screen so as to be ignored by the large competitors.
  • To flee if the going gets tough – better to live and fight another day.

There are numerous examples of highly differentiated, tightly targeted niche guerrilla brands. The car industry has lots of them such as Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Subaru, Lotus and Land Rover to name but a few.

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