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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning articles

    • Strategic planning explained – This article explains what strategic planning is and provides some helpful do’s and do not’s guidance.


    • Why strategies fail – This article identifies the six main reasons why 2 out of 3 strategies fail and why less than 1 in 10 are effectively implemented.



    • Porter’s five forces – This article explains how the nature of competition within an industry is defined by five basic competitive forces defined by strategy guru, Michael Porter.


    • PEST analysis – This article looks at the key external factors that impact upon a market and the competitors that populate a market.


    • Key factors for success – This article explains what key factors for success are and why it is business critical to know what they are for your core target market.


    • Competitor analysis – This article explains the importance of competitor analysis and identifies six need to know questions common to all companies and all competitors.


    • SWOT analysis – This article explains what a SWOT analysis is and how to bridge from common practice to best practice.


    • Strategic options – This article considers how to develop and evaluate strategic options.



    • Strategy explained – This article explains what strategy is and provides an overview of the various generic strategies available to businesses.




    • Flanking strategy – This article describes the principles of a flanking strategy.



    • Learnings from war – This article outlines 10 key learnings from war that are applicable to business.


    • Portfolio management – This article examines some techniques to evaluate a company’s portfolio of products and services, and offers some helpful do’s and do not’s guidance.


    • Boston matrix – This article explains Boston Consulting Group’s pioneering portfolio management work.


    • McKinsey matrix – This article explains McKinsey & Co’s more rigorous alternative to the Boston matrix portfolio management tool.


    • McKinsey 7S framework – This article explains why it is important to consider and align each of the 7S’s when seeking to step up a company’s performance.


    • Strategy and execution – This article provides some pithy to the point advice from Allan Leighton, one of the UK’s most respected business leaders.


    • Making change stick – This article outlines 10 top tips that will help a company drive change when seeking to step up its performance.


    • Monitoring performance – This article identifies the issues associated with common practice and explains Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard approach.


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