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Business angel presentation meeting

Business angel presentation meeting

ThePitchPotential investors have read your business plan and are sufficiently interested to want to meet. This is now your chance to wow your potential investors and convince them that you and your management team have the ability to turn vision into reality. Here are ten top tips for the presentation meeting:

  1. Remember the purpose of the presentation meeting is to secure an offer. So whet the appetite of potential investors that they risk missing out if they choose not to invest.
  2. Research your potential investors. Know as much about them and their motivations as you can.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Prepare thoroughly and rehearse until you are pitch perfect.
  4. Introduce yourself and your business clearly and succinctly along with your proposal (£x in exchange for y% equity).
  5. Tell a compelling story about how your business solves a problem. The more your potential investors can relate to the problem and the effectiveness of your solution the more likely they will be interested to invest, especially if it can be defended (i.e. patents, trade marks, first mover advantage, etc.).
  6. Have a short and punchy presentation with no more than ten charts with lots of white space. The fewer words per chart the better and use a large font. Also make sure you have lots of back-up charts with concise answers to foreseeable questions.
  7. Know your numbers inside out and ensure that they are consistent and credible. Be prepared to explain why you need the investment, how it will be spent and the rationale for your valuation.
  8. Be upbeat and enthusiastic. You will only secure an offer if your prospective investors are confident you and your team can deliver the business plan. Let them feel your energy and passion.
  9. Do not get too despondent if your pitch fails. Learn from the feedback and don’t be afraid to ask questions to get clarity on what the issues are (i.e. the idea, the market, the business model, the valuation, you, the management team, etc.).
  10. Persevere. Few pitches succeed first time out. The more you pitch, the better it and you will become.

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