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Flanking strategy

Flanking strategy

Flanking StrategyThe flanking strategy is the optimum strategy for the third largest competitor in the market and a much lower risk alternative for the number twos than an offensive strategy.

The key principles of a flanking strategy are:

  • To create a new market or a new sector within an existing market – unoccupied territory is always easier to acquire than battling to capture market share from incumbent competitors.
  • To be first into the new market, but more importantly to be first into the mind of the target customer with a relevant and motivating proposition – who remembers who was the third man on the moon?
  • To surprise the competition and catch them off guard – some will  go into denial mode, some will ignore what is happening and some will behave like rabbits in the headlights.
  • If the initiative starts to gain traction in the market, press home the advantage.
  • To defend success but to abandon failure – better to live to fight another day.

World class flankers include Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc) and Dyson (bag less vacuum cleaners, energy efficient hand dryers, etc).

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